Why Body & Mind Energy ?

The energy of the body and mind is materialized by the impact of our emotions and thoughts on our body and the way our physical health influences our mental health. The body and mind are interconnected and act as communicating vessels. Therefore it is essential to ensure a good balance between body and mind for our health and well-being.

Decades of research in neuroscience have shown that certain foods favor the production of certain neurotransmitters and the growth of neurons that protect against diseases such as depression and anxiety disorders.

Body & Mind Energy was born of a partnership between two professionals passionate about their area of expertise. Pascale Olemans, Clinical Psychologist, Coach and Joelle Van Keer, Consultant in Neuro-Nutrition, Reasoned Nutrition.

Body & Mind Energy provides innovative support combining nutrition advice with the tools of psychotherapy and career coaching.

Trainings in each area of expertise are provided on request (balanced diet, stress management, burn-out prevention, private-work life balance, personal development...)