Who are we ?

Pascale Olemans

I am a clinical psychologist with a clinical practice diversified according to request. Therapy will be person-focused (active listening, trust feeling, empathy), or oriented to systemic (balance mechanisms and change pressures in various fields of private, professional and social life) or cognitive-behavioral approach (replacing negative thoughts and inappropriate behaviors with thoughts and reactions adapted to the reality) and brief solutions-oriented therapy (emphasis on mental health, opportunities for change, solutions, mobilization of personal resources). I use the contribution of recent discoveries in neurosciences concerning the management of mental modes for efficiently working on the stress states.

I am a certified member to the Belgian Commission of Psychologists.

In parallel, I have a long experience as a Psychologist in companies and in career coaching. I have been specialized in the aspect of development of human potential, support of professional transitions periods, suffering at work through stress and burnout, moral harassment.

I consult in French, Dutch and English. Tel : 0474/97 62 97

Joelle Van Keer

I am a Consultant in Reasoned Nutrition and Neuro-Nutrition.
After several years of experience in allopathy and phytotherapy, I am aware that healthy eating is very important to preserve our health and especially our nervous system (thoughts, emotions, memory, etc.) and this throughout our life.
In order to structure my feelings and experiences, I decided to train at the SIIN Scientific Institute in reasoned nutrition and neuro-nutrition.

Tel : 0494/12 37 01